Friday, February 13, 2009

Flowers in my office

Updated: 13 Feb 09. The office flower "garden" has increased in size. At he beginning, we "adopted" just one plant. Now, we have a "bush".

This plant has "die" and "live" again. Just see the number of "babies" on the leaves.

This is the latest addition... I just like the colour of the leaves.

This "cactus" has grown in size but no flower this year. Last year, we had plenty of flowers.
The above picture was taken last year. I never knew that it would bloom until one day I saw buds all over. It must have taken a couple of years for it to start blooming.
And beautiful flowers were everywhere for a longtime.
Isn't it beautiful? Many people had asked me for stem to grow. No problem ... just come to my office.
This plant is interesting. It will bloom and then "die" or hibernate. After a few months, shoot will appear.
... then beautiful flowers will come out! I was told by sarawakiana that this is African Violet. Normally, a few flowers will appear and then the tree will "die" and the cycle repeat ...
This photo of my "stick plant" was taken last year with no flower.

This year, it has many of these tiny, about 10mm long, flowers.
God creation is beautiful! Praise and glory be to Him!
(Original post date: 20 May 2008)


Rush Murad said...

your white and pink colour flower look really amazing...wonder if i can have the stem as well .... :)

LingDi said...

Really nice flowers!

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William said...

Rush Murah, sure,you can have the stem. I already send you an e-mail.

Nil said...

You used to have a jungle but now it looks pretty, can;t wait to come back and check it out ;)

flower said...

wau,u plant those plants? so u like gardening, right?

William said...

Nil: Ya... when you come back, my garden may not have any flower left.

Flower: ya, we planted them... some given to me. I am from "farming" background.

sarawakiana said...
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Janice said...

daddy opening a botanical garden in ur office corner? hahaha