Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Mid Brain Activation/Blindfolded Reading
for Children.
Next class: 5-6 April (Saturday + Sunday)
Call Eric 0198843683 for more information or registration
This course has been run very successfully in Sibu, Kuching and Brunei for children between 5 and 15 years of age.
Benefits of middle brain activation
•Better school result
•Better memory
•Better concentration & focus
•Improved character
•More creative mind
•Better learning capabilities
•More confidence & mental stability

加强集中力 加强记忆力
加强创作力 加强领悟力
发挥文武力 平衡荷尔蒙
重建生命钟 稳定的情绪

Children giving demo after 1.5 days of training

Full class in Sibu

More demo

Class session in progress



shutterhero said...

corrrect me if im wrong, i think we do have this kind of class in Miri, somewhere Miri Plaza area.

William said...

Hi, Shutterhero. There is another "mid brain activation class" conducted by another company. They are using different technique.

GMC technique is high tech and I can say that it is more effective as children can continue on practising after training. The practice is systematic and easily followed by parents. So the children can continue to improve after the initial training.

Iryne said...

Well, I have been to two of these classes and witnessed with my own eyes that those students can really see! It's amazing and the student can run about with their eyes blind folded. Seeing is believing! Go and experience it yourself.

Anonymous said...

What is GMC ?
and what is high tech about it ?
Do you offer license to teach?


William said...

Hi tech because we are using computer technology and teaching method can be duplicated. GMC - Global Mind Consultancy.

Most important of all, the student can continue to practice at home after the activation of mid brain. This means that the mid brain can continue to remain "active". Otherwise, within one month, everything is "gone".

This is a franchise business. They do offer license to teach, within Malaysia and outside Malaysia.

ChangWei said...

Hi, I'm a 19 years old student and is quite interested in activating my middle brain. Can I have a try? Thanks

William said...

Hi Chang Wei,
Thanks for your interest. I think it is difficult to activate brain for 19 years old. Try checking thru My brother may offer you more info/

Anonymous said...

Please visit and get more information about the business. If you need to contact, please use this email: for more information about the franchise. Now the company is having classes in several countries and continues to grow internationally.