Sunday, March 30, 2008

SMK Chung Hua Concert 29-March-2008
A CD with all the photos taken my me can be order via Jonathan Ting, Form 5G. Each CD cost RM10. There are about 240 photos. All photos are of high resolution.

All photos may be viewed at my photobucket. Note that the photos at photobucket are not suitable for printing as they are of low resolution.

Opening speech by Headmistress, Ms Tiong

Speech by Tan Sri Ting PK. He announced that there will not be any ticket sales for next year. It is free for all parents.

Striking the drum to signify the official opening.

A souvenir for Tan Sri

The MCs for the night. They did a very good job.

Don't know what to call this performance in English. But they did a very good job. Very well synchronised.

A very graceful performance!

This young singer has potential!

The cowboy show.

The Indian dance.

The three jokers! Nice script.

One of the jokers.

School Choir. Well done!

She played the piano very well.

The audience on Saturday night.

The choir.

Another singer with potential.

Not sure what is this called - shadow dance?

Ended with a heart of love for you!

The award winning brass band performance. They went to Italy and bagged 3 awards.

Kung Fu fighter! A very good show.

Another singer.

The show on environment.

The show on environment awareness.

The family who polute the environment. I like the characters very much.

The peaches have grown smaller in size due to the population.

The emperor demanded an investigation.

So they sent the legendary characters...

Haha... was that a "she' or a "he" but piggy got fooled!

The work of the evil!

I think she is an ex student. Sung very well again.

Another "fan" dance.

An interesting performance by the youngsters for youngsters

Another talented singer

Group performance


Kong said...

I would like to know how you could take those clear pictures without flash light. What camera are you using?

William said...

Hi Mr Kong. Nice to see you here and thanks for visiting my blog.

I am using a Nikon D3 with a 24-70mm lens.

To find out more about this camera, visit the following web site:

Actually, the camera has not been stretched to the limit except, perhaps, on one of the shows where they switched off all the lights and what you see is the white gloves everyone worn. I posted two of those photos.