Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lund, Sweden

Esther will be going to Lunds University, Lund in Sweden for a month under a student exchange program from her University in Leeds. She is most excited about the selection. Lund is on the southern tip of Sweden and next to Denmark. I hope that she will enjoy her stay there in May/June.

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To get to Lund, she is probably flying into Copenhagen (Kobenhavn) Kastrup airport in Denmark. From there, she will have to board a train in the airport itself crossing a channel to Malmo. From Malmo, she could take a regional transport, possibly by bus, to Lund. The university is almost in the town center. I was told that it may be possible to buy a ticket right to Lund. The ticket can be used on the train and bus. I hope my information is accurate. All this information is given by my colleague, Diana, who stayed in Copenhagen for some time.

Cost of living is similar to UK.

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