Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunar New Year Celebration Continues...
The celebration will last for 15 days. Lion dance is becoming an essential part of this celebration because all the Chinese schools and associations take this opportunity to raise fund. If you give more, they will give a more elaborate "dance".

Lion dance is unfortunately also considered a pagan object. Therefore, Christian should not invite them into their home for "dances" or visit.

The lion also comes in different shape, size and colour. This simpler lion is obviously coming from a "poorer" organisation.

And this prettier lion is from a famous local Chinese school.

You can invite the lions to come for a longer performance. Obviously, the ang pow must be fatter too!

In all cases, I think the children are the one who enjoy most as they are...

... curious

However, in our case, we didn't invite them into our house due to our own religious reason. So they just "performed" outside the gate.

This year, I found that the "lions" were more creative. They were "fed" with Kam, they would throw the skin back into the house and the slices.... they made a word out of it.

More kam? Anyone? They are sweet and juicy!

Teck Chung & Vivien (GMC) invited their friends and students over for a "celebration".

Ya... obviously the "yu" will bring plenty of blessing, if you believe....

Lunar New year is a time to catch up, chatted about all kind of topics and a good time to do networking. Beside eating, we also get to know each other better.

And a time to be close to each other....

The celebration shall continue for the next 10 days with more food, more networking, and more fun! On the 15th day, another big celebration will take place with more food, fireworks, etc.

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