Friday, February 22, 2008

Jan's Funeral Service

Late Brother in Christ Jan Van Regteren

The parents, twin sister and a brother of late Jan arrived in Miri on Saturday, 23 Feb 2008. It is now decided that Jan will be buried in the Methodist Cemetery, Riam Road, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The Funeral service program is as follows:

Date: 26 Feb 2008 Tuesday
9:00AM – Encoffin Service, Mortuary, Miri General Hospital
10:00AM – Memorial Service at Grace Methodist Church
11:30AM – Proceed to Methodist Cemetery, Riam Road

Address of Grace Methodist Church:
Lot 2853, Jln Baiduri 6, Jalan Pujut 3A, 98000 Miri. Tel: 085-662660/664660 Fax: 085-652660 (next to Sim's Motor or GK supermarket in Pujut). From Lutong, enter Pujut 4, first right, cross the road hump, turn right, drive to the end. From Miri, at the Pujut GK round about, do a 6 o'clock turn, enter Pujut 3, first left. Look for Baiduri 6 on the left.

Please note: Wreath will be received only at Grace Methodist Church on Tuesday from 8:00AM to 10:00AM.

Donation (白金) may be passed to the following:
1. Church office Monday 25 Feb 2008 between 8:00-12:00; 13:00-16:00
2. Church sanctuary Tuesday 26 Feb 2008 between 9:00AM-10:00AM
3. For those in SSB please pass your donation to Setuju Hajijah (085-454685) or Tainah Tani (085-453525) at LLA-009 (behind the security counter at the back service lift) on Monday, 25th Feb 2008.
As according to the wish of the family, all donations will be given away to charity.

If you have anything to be dedicated to Jan, please insert it in the comment below or click here. Please include your name.

To all members of Grace Methodist Church
Please wear white top and seated together behind the piano (right side of the santuary).

Thanks, William
Date: 25 Feb 2008 4:00PM


Anonymous said...

"All is well" by Cannon H. Scott Holland

Death is only an open door
I have only slipped away
into the next room

I am I, and you are you.
Whatever we were to each other,
that we still are.

Call me by my old familar name,
Speak to me in the easy way
which you always used.

Put no no difference in your tone,
wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laughed as we always laughed
at the little jokes we enjoyed together.

Let my name be ever the household word
that it always was
let it be spoken without effect,
without the trace of a shadow on it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was;
there is unbroken continuity.
Why should I be out of mind
because I am out of sight.

I am waiting for you, for an interval,
somewhere very near,
safe and secure.

Kim & Simon

changyi said...

To Soo Min and Jonathan especially and Jan's family,

We are indeed honoured to have known Jan who was with us in GMC for three years and more.

My children, Remi, Rina and Kynan and I will remember him, as others will remember him in these ways:
- Jan sitting on the piano stool playing music for the Lord,
- Jan sitting with Soo Ming and Jonathan, every inch a Christian father and husband. A good example to others.
- Jan seriously and diligently doing his volunteer work for the Church in every possible way - his Christian humility.
- in so many ways, his quiet ways ,even though he held a very high and important position professionally, touched the hearts of so many.
- Jan's intelligence, kind words,pro-active and gentle ways.
All these will not be forgotten but shall be magnified for he had walked with Jesus .

We thank the Lord, Soo Ming and Jonathan and his family members for bringing him to our Church.

God's grace be with you all.

Changyi, Christopher, Remi, Rina and Kynan Sawan.

Michelle Hii said...

For Uncle Jan
I had a very nice uncle.
He held me upside down and played cavuum cleaner.
He tickled me.
He told jokes.
He told riddles.
Now he is in heaven, I won't see him anymore.
I will always remember him.
Bye-bye Uncle Jan.
Michelle Hii

Paul Wong (GMC) said...

"It"s not how long we live in this earth which matters most but is how we live our life for Christ and according to his purpose". This was one of my last conversation with late Brother Jan on 17 February 2008 last Sunday. He told me that he wanted to be a testimony for Christ as a healed person and requested me to pray for him to draw strength from God to continue to persevere. Despite his physical suffering during this period, he had held on to his faith. He had lived according to God's given purpose and had fought a good fight. I told him that his strong faith in Chirst had challenged me to re-examine my walk of faith with Christ. Brother Jan, I know I will miss you as a brother in Christ and worker for Christ.

I know that you have gone to be with our Father in Heaven. Back to where we all belong and we shall meet one another at our Father house as family of God one day.

Soo Ming and Jonathan,I would like to encourage you that the Grace of God is sufficient for you to walk this journey of faith and live a victorious life.

James TC Wong said...

Generous in passion and love, Bro Jan will be fondly missed by all of us.

Siew Ping said...

We will forever remember your gentleness.

Anonymous said...

I only knew Jan briefly through Diving and work. What struck me was that he was a larger than life character with a presence that filled the space he was in. He seemed to radiate good humour.

My deepest condolencies to Jan's family, it hurts now but I believe you will see him again one day.


Pr Law said...

He was with us for more than 3 years and a confirmed member. Whenever he was in Miri, he always made it a point to attend Sunday church service, Tuesday night prayer meeting, leading a cell group, helped out in church ministry in whatever way he could. He is actually selected the LCEC committee member for the Literature committee this year. He and Soo ming always try to care for GMC pastors. He was even elected to be in Pastor Parish relation committee for one year. He was very committed to Jesus and His church. He is truly a disciple of Christ.

Julia Chin said...

Bro Jan had always taken care of pastors and family well. He seemed to see the needs of pastors which other people cannot see. I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Jan is a person who we will miss as he is our regular passenger whenever he goes on business trip or leave. He is a person who does not look down on us as taxi drivers but he will chat with us all the way from home n vice versa. From the Chew brothers, his regular taxi drivers.

Anonymous said...

Soo Min and Jonathan,
My deepest condolence

[God gives us tests
To help us grow
Why He does things
We don't always know

One day all things
Will become clear
Just remember His love
Is truly sincere]

Although I know Jan only about a year ago, I find that Jan is a person who is full of passion and love for others. I get to know him more during our last prayer convention is KL last Aug. Angela and myself really enjoys the time we have with him, having breakfast, prayed for us etc. Being the only expat staying at the hotel people will look at him and he will always greet everyone with a big smile.

"You may cry all night, but in the morning you will sing for joy." Psalm 30:5

from Wendy

Anonymous said...

Bro Jan was a great encourager and an inspiration to me in the area of church "Praise and Worship" ministry. His generous and assuring compliments, firm handshakes, and warm shoulder pats had inspired me to grow spiritually and serve God more zealously in the "P& W" ministry.

I will never forget Bro's Jan last Sunday morning service in GMC on 17 February 2008. He stole my attention as I was leading the Sunday "P&W". Despite his physical condition, he still stood in spirit, raised his both hands straight in total surrender to the Almighty God, and worshiped God in spirit and truth especially when we sang the song , 'SHOUT TO THE LORD'.

His perseverance in his Christian faith and trust in JESUS will definitely be a role model to me.

I am so honoured to know a god-sent brother in GMC, Miri.

Bro Jan will be dearly missed by all.

From Sii Ling

sally tan said...

2 Timothy 3:10
But you have carefully followed my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, long suffering, love, perseverance.

Our late bro Jan had fought a good fight. His faith and determination to hold firmly the truth of the word of God and His revelation has greatly encouraged me and increased my faith to serve our lord jesus Christ faithfully.

I regarded bro Jan's life as a battle,a race or a test of the truth of the Gospal.He kept his faith in Jesus Christ till the very end of his life on earth and he had acheived victory! He is free from sufferings and his soul rest in peace with our Father in Heaven.

Sister in Christ,
Sally Tan

amy and jimmy shih said...

Psalm 23:6
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me,all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

The last time we spoke was on 10/2/08 after the service.
Bro Jan told us that even though he is weak physically but spiritually he is strong.
"Give me a hug" was what he asked.Surely will miss his bear hugs.
A bro who will fondly be remembered to give you a warm hug to show his love.
A Godfearing man, a loving husband and daddy and a dear friend.
Despite his busy work schedule,he still find time to serve God and even learned the piano to worship
our Lord.
We know that he is deeply loved,richly blessed and highly favoured by our Lord.
We rejoice with the angels that he will dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever

Judith said...

Jan have fought the good fight, have finished the race, and have kept the faith (2Ti 4:7), and stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel (Php 1:27). He did not love his life so much as to shrink from death (Rev 12:11) but instead finished the race and completed the task the Lord Jesus has given him—the task of testifying to the gospel of God's grace (Act 20:24). Therefore rejoice, you heavens and you who dwell in them! (Rev 12:12). Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength (Neh 8:10). JUDITH.

William & Teresa said...

When I heard that he was with the Lord, I knew that I have lost a good friend. But I also rejoiced that he had won the race because he had held firmly to his faith, a faith in the sovereign God that gave eternal life. Amen!

I was surprised last Sunday, 17 Feb 2008, when he managed to stay not only until the end of the service but stayed on to watch the Sunday School rehearsal. I saw him busy chatting to Siew Yew. I managed to snap a picture of him and patted on his shoulder and when I felt only bone, he said he lost 20kg. My heart broke!

He was an amazingly strong man despite his physical weakness. His spirit was strong and even from his boney face his reassuring smile was always there. We have a lot to learn from this man who feared God! We loved him and we also miss him.

Bob said...

We knew Jan many years ago in Brunei and remember him as a kind, thoughtful, committed Christian. It was a joy to serve our Lord alongside Jan. Our thoughts and prayers are with Soo Min and all the family. May Jan's testimony for Jesus Christ continue to bear fruit in all the lives he touched while on this earth.

Bob and Dorothy Evan, USA

Michael & Michelle said...

Brother Jan was a God fearing person and he always serve with passion for Christ. He served diligently in LCEC (Church Leadership team) and also as a cell group leader. Our deepest condolence to Soo Min, Jonathan and Jan’s family members. May God strengthen and uphold them in love and compassion.
Michael and Michelle Lee (LCEC)

Brenda Leong said...

Jan was a man who was full of grace and humility.
I pray for Soo Min that she will remain strong in the sovereign Lord.
Brenda Leong

Anonymous said...

Deepest condolences to Soo Min, Jonathan and late brother Jan's family.
Brother Jan,
I will always remember your friendliness and smiles!

Sister-in-Christ (Ching Sik Hui)

Becky said...

Praying for God's loving arms surround your family at this bereavement time.
Love and prayer from Becky

Abel Tan said...

Jan has fought a good fight bravely. May the family go through this period of time knowing that God is in control. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil 4:7
Abel Tan

Julie Kho said...

Jan you fought a good fight. You clung onto God’s Word till the end. Your faith and perseverance fans our faith to flame. Last Friday at the prayer meet it was so quiet. We are still very grieved. We will miss you and I will always remember you fondly in my memories. Soo Ming and Jonathan, may the Lord comfort you and strengthen you and be to you all that you ever need.

Lee Chia Yee said...

Soo Ming and Jonathan, I will always remember Jan's joyful countenance, and how he refreshed the hearts of so many people. May God pour out His Spirit of comfort into your lives. My prayers are with you.

Balakumar said...

May Lord bless Bro Jan's near and dear to withstand and get comfort from HIM.
1 Thessalonians 4;13 We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in him.

Lucy said...

We are blessed to have known you, to be touched by your gentleness, your kindness, and your faith. Thank you for the weekly hugs and for the joy and laughter you always bring to the kids.

Lucy & Kids.

Uncle Kok Chui said...

To Soo Min and Jonathan:
I am very honor and proud to be a brother of Jan. He taught me perseverance; fight a good fight to the last moment. His smile during the times of worship I will never forget and cherish forever. His support to his son on every Saturday attending the i-Youth fellowship without fail was one that all must learn. His quietness but firmness was qualities and characters that were from GOD. Jonathan, be proud of your dad, remember the good times you had with him. Be encouraged as our Lord is still Almighty. Last but not least, Jan is one of the history makers on the book of Hebrew - Jan put his faith into actions.

Uncle Kok Chui
25 Feb 2008

George Chong said...

Hello, thank you for your posting of Jan. Jan's a dear friend of ours. We missed him, his laughter and a wonderful brother.

George Chong, Canada