Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Smog/Haze or what

Since yesterday, the air condition in Miri has been bad, especially so in the morning. The visibility is about 200 meters in some worse case.
As I turn into the main feeder road this morning, I was amazed with what I saw. I could smell it in the air. So, we blame it on Indonesia or neighbouring countries or El Nino. But I know one thing for sure, if you can smell it, the burning is just nearby. I know that the burning is bad in Senadin and Batu Niah.
Even the sun lost it power and brightness. It was like this yesterday. What can the authority do to the open burning? We have law about open burning....


Merryn said...

i hate it when the air quality is not good around us right? Remember those days when the air were fresher? I wish we can have all that again..

flower said...

Our area here, Riam/Airport Road also the same. It smells so bad and terrible hot once I open the door. These days, I keep doors and windows shut all the time. I have to let my aircon runs at least to stay fresh in the house. For how long do we have to bear this kind of situation? No one can predict. Poor Malaysian!!!

William said...

Merryn: yes, I know but nowadays people seems to take the easy way out - just freely burn and without control.

Flower: We need to pray!

^SpRInG^ said...

The thing is this: the authority would not do anything if there is nobody who reports burning. And to report burning, one would have to submit their identification, and not many who are willing to do so, because say if you report your neighbor for open burning, when (s)he finds out that you prick his/her back, which will happen, you're going to get it later.

CK said...

The burning were in Sarawak territory also....dont blame Indonesia alone!

But who cares????

Our big shoots? No, maybe they are in somewhere to enjoy their life with more freshy air already!

William said...

^SpRInG^: The authority is helping to put the fire out using water!

Chin Kong:
You are absolutely right. We blame the neighbour which in fact, the burning is just across the "bush" within our land! It is so sad! Few years ago, the burning in Senadin lasted for a few weeks and saw hugh land up in smoke. Then, in those places, we saw houses coming up! Isn't it the developer doing the burning?

Authority, catch the culprit please!