Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happening in Miri

Miri has gone through quite a bit of change lately. The most obvious one is the addition of two flyovers; one at Pujut roundabout and another at the clock tower in town. The flyover at Pujut is supposed to reduce traffic jam. And yes, indeed I can now go from Pujut 4 to town in a matter of 10 minutes in the morning.

Pujut roundabout Costing RM80M to build.

Pujut roundabout - on the left is Boulevard Hypermarket
However, I will meet a huge traffic jam at the clock tower where another flyover was built in a record 59 days costing RM40M. The traffic is reduced to a single lane for anyone wishing to enter the roundabout. The traffic light in front of the old fire station is now removed.
Clock Tower Roundabout before the flyover is built.

Miri brand new flyover - Puchong flyover

Birdseye's view of Puchong Roundabout

Going home from town to Pujut is now a nightmare. The flyover at the clock tower is for traffic from the airport to Pujut. So all the traffic will now have to face the traffic light further down the road (outside Bintang School). The queue will now reach the flyover during peak hours.
In the same way, the traffic jam will be from GK roundabout to the new flyover at Pujut during the peak hours. So, I think we are not much better off. The city planner is busy planning which road to close next! The GK roundabout will disappear soon. So the jam will be all the way to Pujut 7 roundabout.

M2 is the latest casualty of poor business. The whole shopping centre is closed after a short period of opening.

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